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The Indiana Organization for Nursing Leadership provides financial resources that create opportunities to support and to shape the future of nursing leadership.

Scholarship Overview

The core business of the Indiana Organization for Nursing Leadership (IONL) is education, career development, member engagement, thought leadership, public policy and advocacy. In support of the IONL mission to shape health care through expert nursing leadership the scholarship fund was established and funded with IONL nursing license plate funds.

This Scholarship Awards Procedure has been developed to define the process utilized to select and award educational scholarships to registered nurses in nursing leadership positions. (Charge, Nurse, Practice Facilitators, House Supervisors, etc)


General Requirements

  1. Licensed in the state of Indiana
  2. Is a resident of Indiana
  3. Enrolled and/or currently taking classes from a nationally accredited school of nursing based in Indiana.
  4. Currently employed in Indiana in a nursing leadership or management position or employment history focused toward a leadership in nursing for a minimum of one (1) year (e.g. charge RN, clinical managers, supervisors, etc).
  5. RN in good standing with Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.
  6. Scholarships are limited to a one time award per student, per degree.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in nursing.
  2. Maintains a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale in the program
  3. Currently employed in Indiana in a nursing leadership or management position or employment history focused toward leadership in nursing.
  4. Demonstrated leadership skills/abilities.
  5. Current membership in a professional organization(s).
  6. Anticipated date of graduation must be included in resume. The candidate must show progression toward graduation yet will not graduate prior to the award of the scholarship. Scholarship monies are awarded in late October – early November.

Doctorate Degrees for Indiana Nursing Faculty for IONL Members ONLY

  1. Admitted and enrolled in a non-nursing doctoral program (EDD, DHS, non-nursing PHD)
  2. Maintains a 3.5 grade point average on a 4.0 scale in the program
  3. Demonstrated leadership skills/abilities in a faculty role in an Indiana based university
  4. Current and active member of IONL



  1. Mail letters to school deans requesting scholarship nomination submissions for MSN, DNP and PHD by June 1st
  2. Email requests for RN-BSN completion scholarship nominations to the CNO’s of Indiana by June 1st
  3. Deans and CNO’s have a deadline of July 10th to send in nominations. (2020 change due to COVID 19)

June 25 ( July 15th change due to COVID 19)

  1. Compile nominee voting spreadsheet for distribution to committee members along with scanned copies of all scholarship submission packets.
  2. Schedule 2-3 hr. teleconference with committee members to review all scholarship applications.
  3. Prepare end of year report for August Board meeting along with final slate of scholarship candidates


Present final slate of candidates to Board along with end of year report.

Late August

  1. Send congratulation letters to all scholarship recipients inviting them to October Past President & Scholarship luncheon at the fall conference.
  2. Complete check requests and scan to IONL Executive Director and cc: IHA support staff requesting all checks be returned to Scholarship Chairman for distribution at the fall conference.


Prepares letters or certificates to hand to recipients at fall conference.

Scholarship Winners

BSN Scholarship Recipients
Stephanie Harmon
Susan Hurley
Heather Land
Denise Matio
Chante Mayfield
Jessica McClain
Alexis Moyer
Michael Radford
Allison Rater
Delilah Rogers
Steve Rupard
Mary Shepherd
Amy Switzer
Natalie Tornatore

MSN Scholarships
Ashley Fisher
Staci Glick
Heather Hargis
Megan Miller
Jill Stecyk

DNP Scholarships
Abby Berg
Alesha Dempsey
Monick Davis
Patricia Kline
Toni Morris
Jean Putnam
Coreena Schroyer