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Membership Categories

Bringing together Indiana’s Nursing Leaders

FULL MEMBER - Registered Nurses who:

Hold or aspire to hold an organizational role of administration/management who are accountable for strategic, operational and/or performance outcomes in sites where health care is delivered.

Hold faculty positions in nursing programs.

Are consultants in nursing administration/management practice.

Are editors of professional nursing journals.

Are leaders in regulatory and other nursing and health care organizations.

NEW MEMBER - Registered Nurses

First time discounted membership as defined under Full Member

STUDENT MEMBER - Students who are:

Enrolled in a nursing program.

RETIRED MEMBER - Registered Nurses who:

Full IONL member who is retired from the profession and has maintained IONL membership for a period of five consecutive years prior to their application.

AFFILIATE MEMBER - An Individual who is not a registered nurse.

An affiliate member may be a non-nurse professional or any healthcare consumer member of the corporate or political community who is interested in working towards advancement of the healthcare system driven by the needs of patients. An affiliate member must be sponsored by a full member and the application must be approved by the Board.

INDUSTRY PARTNER- An educational, healthcare institutions and organizations.

Industry Partner memberships will include educational institutions, healthcare institutions, and organizations wishing to support the mission and vision of IONL through Industry Partner membership. An Industry Partner must be sponsored by a full IONL member. Industry Partners may attend business and educational meetings, but will not be considered Full Members, and are not permitted to vote in the meetings of, hold office in, or vote for the directors or officers of IONL. The number of people who will receive mailings from the Organization will be limited to two people per corporate membership.


Past presidents who no longer meet eligibility requirements for membership in the Organization will be given honorary membership. A nurse or non-nurse who has contributed significantly to the Organization may be recognized by the Board with honorary membership.

  1. Privileges – Honorary members may attend social, business and educational meetings.
  2. Restrictions – Honorary members will not be permitted to vote in general meetings of the Organization nor hold office or serve on committees.
  3. Dues – Honorary members are not required to pay dues.

Developing Relationships

Membership provides the opportunity to develop strategic relationships with executives, educators, consultants, clinical experts, and organization leaders. Exposure to and opportunity for networking with leaders who practice across the continuum plus work in all aspects of healthcare.